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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. round two packed quite a punch. flooding, power outages, downed trees. and the worst is yet to come. good evening. i'm allen martin. ken bastida has the night off. >> and i'm dana king. let's get right to it with chief meteorologist paul deanno, who is tracking storm no. 3 on cbs 5 hi-def doppler. >> we have storm no. 3, not here yet. it will be about 24 more hours before the meat of that storm moves in. the hi-def doppler looking a
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lot dryer tonight. this time last night, we had all that pouring rain. that said, it's not dry everywhere. along alexander valley road, we're looking at some light to moderate showers there. cloverdale, we're wet. but we are dry from san francisco all the way up to san mateo. further south to mountain view and cupertino. this break continues. we'll see scattered showers on and off. but there's more heavy rainfall before we're finished. because of that next round of rain, storm no. 3, the flash flood watch for the north bay and the mountains continues. the flood watch for the russian river continues. rainfall totals from earlier today, morgan hill, palo alto, two-plus inches of rain. three inches for blackhawk. san francisco, at the airport, nearly two inches of rainfall. we do have changes to the forecast. the timing of this weekend
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storm system, and a change to that flood watch for the russian river. today's storm will leave quite a mess all over the bay area. the saturated ground in san francisco caused this tree to topple on to a mercedes in pacific heights. fortunately, nobody was hurt. in the north bay, all eyes on the fast-rising russian river. another big storm could bring the river to flood stage by monday morning. and the east bay had its share of flooding power outages, and damage. elizabeth cook is in walnut creek tonight. >> reporter: the east bay tonight got pummeled with nearly two and a half inches of rain, and they are expected to double that by this sunday. downtown walnut creek still bustling with business, but small business owners are worried that could change by this weekend. big storm. even bigger headache, as commuters try to navigate their way through the rain. maintenance crews just try to
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keep up. >> we've been pretty busy. a lot of flooding. >> reporter: a clogged storm drain at this pleasanton shopping center left shoppers no choice but to wade through knee-deep water to get to their cars. visibility was so bad in oakland, a man almost fell off his bike when he couldn't see the sidewalk. chp crews also had their hands full, including a spinout, and an uprooted tree. a heavy tree limb landed on a van going down wildcat road. the two people inside were shaken but not hurt. in walnut creek, small business owners are worried about their bottom line. >> everybody is doing their christmas shopping, but the storm is definitely going to keep people away. >> reporter: alfonso garcia works at atlas men's clothing. he is trying to make sure the impending storm doesn't wash away potential customers. >> we are trying to call clients and make sure they can
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come in, keep trying, whatever it takes to get them out and shopping. >> reporter: in walnut creek, elizabeth cook, cbs 5. today's storm knocked out power to thousands of homes, including the ones you see here over along the great highway in san francisco. at last week, pg&e reported 3200 outages, most of those in the north bay. and the lights were even out on the bay bridge for part of the early morning commute. power outages also affected the richmond, san rafael and san mateo bridges. >> imagine waking up and seeing this coming toward your house. a salinas woman blames her neighbor for this mud slide. she says they removed all of the rocks keeping the mud in place. one of the hardest-it places was in the santa cruz mountains and that's where joe vazquez is. >> reporter: only a day and a
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half ago, she says, it was so dry here, you could walk across the bottom at this spot, in downtown boulder creek. >> pretty outrageous. >> reporter: as the heavy rain keeps falling in the santa cruz mountains, so do many trees and eventually electrical wires. highway 9 was blocked in several places, including this tangled mess. we found some folks who decided to take matters into their own hands. >> what happened? >> i don't know. a tree fell down. i arrived here and the road was blocked by a tree. >> what did you do? >> we chainsawed it up. those with chainsaws. the rest of us picked it up. >> reporter: three different men got out of their cars with their own chainsaws and quickly got to work. another guy used his wire cutters to help clear the roadway. >> there was a wire down. >> it was a guide wire. no electricity. it was safe. >> reporter: we're happy to report no one got hurt in that incident. the folks up here are very self-
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sufficient. several of them happened to have those chainsaws in the car and took care of business. a pg&e worker said if you see a wire, assume it is a live wire, and get back at least 30 feet. call 911. do not try that yourself. in the santa cruz mountains, joe vazquez, cbs 5. rain here, a blizzard in the sierra. this is what it looked like at tahoe ski resort early whyer -- earlier today. the area in lake tahoe could get seven feet of snow by sunday. you can get hi-def doppler radar for your neighborhood anytime at new details in a murder at a bay area mansion. it began with a 911 call about a home invasion in monte sereno, near los gatos. cbs 5 reporter christin ayers on how the weather is turning the investigation into a race against time.
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>> reporter: a soggy search for clues in the hills of monte sereno, the sprawling mansion in the affluent community, the scene of a homicide early in the morning. >> to this happen in this type of community... >> reporter: police have not identified the victim but say he lived here with his wife. the man who owns the home is a prominent south bay millionaire, who once owned mountain winery. he apparently had ties at one point to a spiritual group, called the foundation for spiritual awakening. around 1:30 this morning, the woman who lived here called police, saying the place was being ransacked by intruders. she was injured, but not seriously. her husband, authorities say, is dead. >> certainly we are wondering about what would cause the suspect or suspects to pick this particular residence and commit this crime. >> reporter: authorities combed the property for clues today in a rainstorm, fearing wet
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weather could hamper their investigation, washing away signs of a possible home invasion. >> there's concerns that the weather is going to change evidence, you know. so we're working hard to collect any evidence that's there, if there is evidence outside the home. >> reporter: police have made no arrests yet. they're still trying to determine whether this couple was targeted or this was a random attack. christin ayers, cbs 5. >> and robbers hit a los gatos jewelry store this week armed with guns and sledgehammers may be pros. in all the robberies a pair of suspects acted quickly, smashing jewelry cases and then leaving as fast as they came. the wet weather couldn't dampen the spirits of the stanford cardinals, who are now smelling the roses.
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>> stanford beat ucla 27-24 to win the pac 12 championship. that means they'll play in the rose bowl new year's day. the weather was a factor tonight. several players lost their footing, even after crews had been out there. look at them using squeegees on the field. why women from china are paying thousands of dollars to have their babies at a hotel. two high school sweethearts claimed their powerball millions. special north bay performan. the u-s supreme cour and the rhinestone cowboys' last rodeo. glen campbell's special north bay performance. ,,
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the u.s. supreme court is keeping the issue of same-sex marriage waiting at the altar. the justices will not make an announcement until at least monday whether they're going to review prop 8. if the justices decide not to hear the case, then a federal appeals court ruling that found it unconstitutional will stand. that would clear the way for
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same-sex marriage to resume. women from china are coming to the united states to have their babies in an upscale southern california neighborhood. cbs 5 reporter andrea says some people who live there say because the hotel is selling american citizenship. >> reporter: at a cost of up to $15,000, this website offers pregnant women in china the opportunity to have their babies in the united states. and neighbors say it's happening at this gated home in chino hills. >> we believe in the american dream. we embrace it. we are american citizens. and this goes contrary to everything that i believe. >> reporter: the women obtain tourist visas and having their babies here. though the practice is legal, the city is investigating.
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jodie velasquez is a neighbor and sees pregnant asian women come and go. >> they are eight to nine months pregnant, walking around the neighborhood. >> reporter: we tried to get a comment from this man, who was about to drive through the house gate, but he claims not to speak english. i spoke off camera with a building code expert employed by the homeownerment he -- homeowner. he says he was hired to make sure additional rooms added were up to code. he says he saw no evidence of a maternity hotel. but neighborhood advocates argue otherwise and plan to protest the home on sunday. >> we're hoping that we will send the message loud and clear. a man walks into a convenience store. this is not a joke. he may have left -- well, i don't know. he may have left almost $200 million richer. that's no joke. look at the video surveillance video.
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several witnesses say he has the powerball numbers. look at the reaction. yeah! looks like he does. could this be the winning ticket that was sold in arizona? time will tell. >> i wouldn't react like that unless i had the winning ticket. the other winning ticket sold to a husband and wife in missouri, who joked that their family is going to have a pretty good christmas. >> cindy and mark hill of dearborn, missouri, bought one of the two winning tickets for the $588 million powerball. >> and i was thinking, is that the right numbers? is that the right numbers? and i was shaking. i called my husband. i said, i think i'm having a heart attack. >> reporter: it is a giant reversal of fortune for the hills, who were high school sweethearts. cindy has been out of work for two years. mark is a mechanic. he says the reality hasn't quite sunk in. >> i had to get like toothpaste
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and stuff like that, so i found myself in the store still looking at the prices and stuff. >> reporter: their lump-sum payment comes to $192 million. they're planning to set up college funds for their relatives and give to charity. they want to keep their four children grounded, though their youngest already has big dreams for christmas. >> what did you want for christmas? >> a pony. >> reporter: they say with their new fortune, they're considering a second adoption. >> she did not miss a beat with that pony thing. >> no. she could have more. she could -- >> she could have the whole polo pony team. you know what? they said they're looking forward to not working. they want to travel and they want to take their dog to the beach because she's never been there. >> we should check back with them. well, 15,000 people are about to spend several hours in some pretty nasty weather. the 30th annual california
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international marathon, which runs from folsom to sacramento will start as scheduled at 7:00 sunday morning. that's when we could see the worst of the storm. wow! these guys didn't mind the rain today, though. these are river otters at the oakland zoo. they are so happy! zookeeper ashton sent us this video. >> why do they have all that stuff floating in there? i guess, in the storm, that's what the river looks like. >> the otters are the happy ones. homeowners, not so much. but the otters are thrilled. we're gonna make the otters happy again this weekend. another round of heavy rainfall. 24 more hours of relative dryness before the heavy rain comes back. concord, you're at 57. cloudy conditions keeping our overnight lows much milder. your heat doesn't have to work as hard. san francisco, 59. san jose, 58. look at the dry on the hi-def
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doppler. the south bay, so wet this morning. san jose, south of morgan hill, and palo alto, home of the pac 12 football champions, stanford cardinals, you're dry tonight as well. a little wetter earlier. you we're looking at a change here. it is now forecast the russian river is to go just over flood statement on monday morning. this is what it looked like earlier today, actually below flood stage. but as we watch that flood watch, it is forecast on monday morning to go above the flood stage. we'll be watching the russian river and the napa river. both rivers are currently under flood watches. nothing really has changed in the atmosphere. we still have the tropical moisture, low pressure off to our north and west. what we're dealing with is, we're simply in between weather systems. that will change tomorrow night. the storm to our north and west will steer in the next round of
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tropical moisture, right in the northern california and bay area again. watch this green blob. i've colored that area to show you all this moisture. it is going to pour on sunday, and we're looking at a couple more inches of rainfall. let's look at futurecast. look at all this rainfall. the color in purposing, that's most of the bay area with even more for the north bay and north bay mountains. it's going to get wet, just not tomorrow. heavy rainfall moves in late saturday, through the morning on sunday, with all the rain finally out of here by 4:00 on sunday. mid 60's tomorrow. average highs, 60. 64 for san francisco, oakland, 66. mountain view, 6 6. we dry out on monday. just a few showers tuesday and wednesday. thursday and friday, mainly dry. one more round tomorrow night, and then we're looking much, much dryer. >> that's a good thing. >> i'll plan for that. >> i live in a very low
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neighborhood, so i have three pumps, one in the backyard, one in the pump. you know what i'm buying next? a kayak. >> wow. >> it's a lot. coming up, legendary performer glen campbell, very bittersweet good-bye. ,,,,,,,,,,
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rhinestone cowboy -- one ofn ♪ like a rhinestone cowboy ♪ >> rhinestone cowboy, one of glen campbell's biggest and most recognizable hits. the singer is on tour to say good-bye to all of his fans. >> he suffers from alzheimer's, and sharon chin was at the last concert tonight in napa. >> reporter: for decades, glen campbell has been gentle on their minds. the 76-year-old grammy winner announced last year he has alzheimer's disease. his daughter is one of three of his children who performs in the band. >> we've just been having an
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amazing time and we're gonna take this with us for the rest of our lives. >> reporter: campbell's show features old favorites from more than 70 albums over his 60- year career as a country pop and rock legend. fans packed the concert to say good-bye. >> we were raised on rhinestone cowboy. >> we've always loved his music, since we were in junior high school. >> he's one of the best guitarists this world has ever seen. >> reporter: and when campbell's forgotten lyrics, the audience helped. >> it's really touching for our family, that everyone has been so supportive of him, because he's not letting what he has stop him from doing what he does. >> reporter: campbell's family says he may be adding a few
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more shows next we're, but for now, the rhinestone cowboy is riding into retirement. in napa, sharon chin, cbs 5. all right. we're at stanford stadium, palo alto, where i have roses on my mind! i'll explain. don't move! ,, [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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the bank of the west sports report is next, on cbs 5. highlights from the pac 12 championship game tonight. >> reporter: what a night in palo alto! for the season, nobody picked stanford or ucla to win the pac 12 championship, and here they were, inside this stadium, playing for the right to go to the rose bowl. the pac 12 championship, 30,622 in the house. early second quarter, stepfan taylor, up the gut for one yard out and in. game tied at 14. stanford led by three at the
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half. late third now, franklin, first name of johnathan. early fourth one, here's the game. 3rd and 15, hogan, the game mvp, throws a touchdown pass to drew terrell for the game-tying touchdown. after a defensive stop, jordan williamson, from 30 yards out. the kick is good. the cardinals lead. 30 seconds left. it came down to this 52-yarder, but no, no, no. it is short. and stanford hangs on to win, 27-24, on the pass on to the rose bowl. >> pac 12 champions! >> so close, and i'm gonna taste it. >> woo!
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[ crowd cheering ] >> woo hoo hoo! >> it kind of hit me that we won the pac 12. >> smart kids. they played well. they were great. we plan on being in this position hopefully more than once. >> all right. it will be either nebraska or wisconsin as the big 10 championship, and that will be tomorrow. on to the san jose state spartans. we go to usf. a team-high 19. they take this won 78-68, the final. bryan wilson, officially becoming a free agent as of today. giants didn't offer the former
11:31 pm
all-star closer a contract. they elected to nontender wilson. that allows him to now test the open market. i'm hearing maybe dodger blue might be after him. boy, that would be funny to see the beard on the mound for the los angeles dodgers. that will do it from stanford stadium. cardinals, on the way to the rose bowl. [ laughing ] >> we got the seal of approval. we'll be right back. ♪
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our weapons are testing... education, care and support. ♪ and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪ williams. be safe this weekend. the weekend is upon us. >> stay dry! ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight...

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